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Евровидение - 2010 - Eurovision Song Contest
  • Кто: The European Broadcasting Union
  • Где: Все субъекты Российской Федерации, Осло
  • Когда: 15.05.10 (11:00—17:00) | 15.05.10 (8:00—14:00) (местн.)
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15 - Открытие пресс-центра

16 - Старт репетиций

25 - Первый Полуфинал - 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

27 - Второй Полуфинал - 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

29 - Финал - 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

For Press
The European Broadcasting Union considers the Press Accreditation (category P) to be a working tool to be used by media professionals only. This chapter describes the definition of a media professional.

GRANTING APPLICATIONS • The EBU and participating EBU Member broadcasters only provide accreditation to representatives of media which are available to the public in sales outlets, through publically accessible radio frequencies, television channels or internet sites. The media outlet should be registered at the Chamber of Commerce, or should be legally established otherwise.

DENYING APPLICATIONS • Publishers, marketing personnel, sub-editors, staff of the publication's secretariat, advertising agency representatives, public relations agencies, students, Eurovision Song Contest fan publication producers, internal magazines of companies, trade magazines, and newsletters (or representatives of) one of the participating artists can not be accredited as press. However, at the sole discretion of the EBU's acting Head of Press*, and where the quality and circulation criteria justify their consideration, such publications may be eligible for accreditation on a case by case basis.

VISA • For those applicants who require a visa, a special instructions document and an application form are available. Please download both documents if you have a passport of a non-Schengen country.

PRIORITY • A limited number of accreditations is available, based on the capacity of the Press Centre. It is the responsibility of the respective Head of Delegation or Head of Press to give out accreditations with priority to mass media, such as national daily newspapers, mass-circulation magazines, leading radio- and television stations, and popular internet portals.

ACCESS • Unless differently stated, accredited press have:

•access to the Press Working Area, Interview Area and the Press Conference Area;
•access to a designated area inside the Arena during Open Rehearsals;
•access to a designated area inside the Arena during at least one of the Dress Rehearsals of each event;
•access to the EuroClub, opening- and afterparties.
Press accreditation does not provide access to the Show Desk, Backstage Area, Commentators Area or the Technical Areas, and is not valid as a concert ticket.

POOL PHOTOGRAPHERS • Pool photographers have access to the arena during the live shows, and can work under excellent conditions in a designated area. Seperate pool photographer badges and bibs are available to a limited amount of people. These pool badges will be distributed on-site through and at the sole discretion of the EBU's acting Head of Press* at the Press Centre. Access requests should be submitted before the 25th of April to Mr. Sietse Bakker (sietse.bakker@eurovision.tv).

02 - Portugal (first semi-final)
02 - Germany (fifth elimination show)
02 - Azerbaijan (final)
03 - Turkey (presentation of the song)
04 - Portugal (second semi-final)
04 - Lithuania (final)
05 - Croatia (semi-final)
05 - Germany (quarter-final)
05 - Ireland (final)
06 - Sweden (second chance round)
06 - Israel (introduction of the songs)
06 - Romania (final)
06 - Moldova (final)
06 - Croatia (final)
06 - Portugal (final)
06 - Ukraine (song presentation)
07 - Belgium (presentation of the song)
07 - Russia (final)
09 - Germany (semi-final)
10 - Belarus (deadline for announcing participant)
12 - Germany (final)
12 - Estonia (final)
12 - Greece (final)
12 - United Kingdom (final)
13 - Sweden (final)
13 - Serbia (final)
14 - Bosnia & Herzegovina (song presentation)
15 - Israel (final)
22 - EBU deadline to deliver participating entries

15 - Opening of the press centre in Oslo (preliminary date)
16 - Start of rehearsals in Oslo (preliminary date)
25 - First Semi-final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest
27 - Second Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest
29 - Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest


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